Dense-Crete is a modified silicate sealer developed to penetrate deep into concrete and react with free calcium  and lime to provide a hardened densified surface that will be more resistant to wear, chemicals and dusting.

Dense-Crete will provide high protection to industrial concrete flooring, roads and parking areas, concrete pipes and storage tanks and any concrete construction that requires protection.

Dense-Cretes unique reaction creates a calcium silicate hydrate that fills the voids in the concrete, creating the strength and durability whilst producing a less permeable surface, this will help prevent the formation of efflorescence.

Dense-Crete has many industrial applications that could be easily used by a home handyman for sealing a garage floor to provide a dust free, hard floor that will have some resistance to chemicals.

Dense-Crete  should be applied to fresh concrete cured for a minimum of seven days and should not be applied to any surface that has been treated or painted that may impede penetration and affect the desired properties. Cleaning will be necessary in this situation to allow Dense-Crete to penetrate and react with the concrete.

Features and Benefits:

Seals concrete, Hardens and Increases the life of concrete, Densifies concrete for diamond polishing - enhanced gloss, Reduces porosity and permeability of concrete, Breathable, Minimises the occurrence of efflorescence, Reduces moss, mould and algae growth, Retains a natural look, Reduces dust, Deep Penetrating, Alkali resistant, Acid resistant, Chemical and solvent resistant, Water based (non flammable), No odour, WIll not flake, peel or scratch off, Suitable for food areas 

Will last up to ten years or longer dependant on application and weather conditions.